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With A Local Approach

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GROUPE MAR combines more than 20 years of top management expertise with a profund passion for GASTRONOMY AND HOSPITALITY.

Since 2018 Groupe Mar shapes new restaurant concepts crossing food and lifestyle experiences. Our satisfied customers return to our venues both for gastronomic indulgence and to make pleasant memories. A blend of high-end cuisine and music to be enjoyed at unique, refined venues.

Travellers, trendseekers, top managers, gastronomy experts: this is the profile of the 
GROUPE MAR partners.

Groupe Mar International Dining


Driven by a long-term vision, Groupe Mar is focused on developing global hospitality concepts with local approach. More than just food, our restaurants venues are places to enjoy global gastronomic experiences with a local touch.

From food lovers to groups of friends and families and from corporate clients to international customers, we cater for those in search for delicious food, unforgettable experiences, and emotions.


Groupe Mar is focused on implementing a sustainable strategy based on Organic Growth with equity capital.

Our business plan is based on multiple restaurant openings, across the globe, in the next few years.

Groupe Mar is also attentive to new business opportunities worldwide through partnerships with local players.